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Creative projects I've been pursuing. 


When I’m not contributing to a publication or waiting to hear back on a pitch, I’ll work on a personal project to keep creativity flowing.

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What does one do with all of the unpublished Word documents that have festered on their desktop? This is a collection of work from 2018 that deserves a domain to call home. A DIY wedding inspired by Dwight Schrute, what millennials are doing instead of starting a family, the spider apocalypse, and (finally)dirty New Yorker cartoons.


Mommy Issues

A Collection of essays

"Mommy Issues" is a collection of personal essays about a complicated woman. I’ve kept these stories hidden for over a decade and I knew they’d bubble and boil over one day. This series is an attempt to overcome my fears about the woman who raised me and convince myself that I did the right thing in the end. It is my own form of closure and releasing it to the public has been a part of that process. Rather than asking for sympathy, this project is a hope that people will simply understand and others with a similar complicated woman in their lives will feel understood, too.

To tell this story, I needed to use film from my adolescence, a time when young adults are on the edge of leaving home yet feel more trapped than ever. The photographs are composed of pale Miami skylines and empty beaches to capture a sense of abandonment, the theme of this project.

Mothers are not perfect, but neither are their daughters.  In creating this series, I vilify myself by exposing such personal stories between a mother and her daughter. I’ve wondered if some of our secrets should remain exactly that—secrets. The entirety of this project is not only closure, but also a confession.

"It was painful to read and yet it was spoke with sublime clarity like a wounded bird that chirps it can't move. I think she has incapsulated the narcissistic personality with honestly some of the traits of the borderline personality. It is heart breaking. I am stunned and I have seen a lot."

-Joe Navarro, former FBI profiler and author of What Every Body is Saying and Dangerous Personalities

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The New Yorker Meta Tote

The New Yorker tote has gone meta. This grocery-wielding accessory commonly found on every shrugging shoulder in New York City can be yours without the obligatory subscription. Are you an avid reader of The New Yorker or do you just want the tote?



Proud 20s Accomplishments

People love to “Grind 24/7,” which is a phrase that makes me uncomfortable, but that doesn’t stop people from saying it. You can’t grind at all without these simple steps (hopefully) completed in your 20s.


Pictures of Anxiety

A brief tutorial based on personal experience.


Reasons For Leaving

November's small series of stories explores the vulnerability in candor. Everyone has their breaking point with a job, although no one likes to admit what truly broke them. A man faces social pressure to exude masculinity. A woman lives with the societal pressure to be "careful," and how that unsolicited message continues into her adult life. In a outro, I address the normalcy of ugly crying and how people cope with the guilt of feeling sad.

Lick Your Wounds, Pretty Girl

Lick You Wounds, Pretty Girl is a series of short stories about weird childhood memories, fiction, the loveless city of New York. I wanted this project to be creepy, but also feminine, which called for the pastel pink, floral illustrations, unsettling title, and graphic language.

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Sprout Blossom Wither


Sprout Blossom Wither started as a form of catharsis, but it shifted into something more. I attended a plant workshop to salvage my little graveyard of plants and obtained a sketchbook from a friend in the same week. In my spare time, I began to craft slightly neurotic and all too real thoughts paired next to an illustration of my sprouting plants. Once I realized I had already filled half of a sketchbook, I decided to move forward with it. It is either a masterpiece or a huge mistake, but I will continue to draw.